Deep Learning Day 1

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Need for Deep Learning/AI research
 — Deep learning is used in reference to Neural Networks
 — The growth in AI publications has surpassed the growth in general CS publications in recent years.
 — AI is becoming more researched than CS generally.

Examples of Machine Learning Applications
 — Spam filters
 — Recommendation Systems
 — Image Recognition
 — Self Driving Cars
 — Siri, Alex, Google (other Conversational Agents)
 — Language Modeling
 — Machine Translation (Google Translate)
 — Sentiment Analysis

What factors allowed AI to boom?
1. Data availability/Digitalization of information
2. Increased Computation Power
3. Better Performance Algorithms

Linear Regression:
 — Train f(x) = ax + b to get a specific ‘a’ and ‘b’

Logistic Regression:
 — Can be much more complex with something such as f(x) = ax² + bx + c
moving up to much larger polynomial functions
 — Linear Regression is a subset of Logistic Regression

Possible new projects I’m interested in:
 — Image classification techniques
 — Music genre classification