Deep Learning, in the end, still requires Software Development

So yes, the field is new, the tooling is *not* mature, and the skillset is still being figured out. That, however does not excuse us from having to follow good software practices.

I mean, we’ve been through this before with Javascript — in the early days, the sheer horror that was *any* JS code-base would blow your mind (•).

So yeah, when building out whatever you’re working on, don’t for get the basics, like Unit Testing, Evolutionary Architecture, Clarifying Requirements, Validating Results, and so forth.

I could go on, but luckily, Radek has already done a lot of the heavy lifting here — — go read it.

(•) Or maybe not. I mean, it’s better now, but still pretty horrible (••)

(••) Note that I’m differentiating between the *average* badness of development, and the *uniquely* bad thing that was JS back in the day, when anybody who could insert a <script> tag was not a “JS Developer”

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