Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents, Tensorflow SPINN, Tensor Comprehensions, Emotion Understanding…

Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents, Tensorflow SPINN, Tensor Comprehensions, Emotion Understanding, State of NLU…

On People…
Want to learn to ship neural networks on iOS using PyTorch? See more here — Link

Nando de Freitas discusses the need for taking emotion and sentiment studies more seriously — Link

(Slides — Stanford) The state of Natural Language Understanding — Link

On Code and Data…
(Video) Stephen Merity discusses attention and memory in deep learning networks — Link

Tensorflow introduces SPINN, a tool that enables natural language understanding in Tensorflow with eager execution — Link

An introduction to exploratory analysis for performing text mining tasks — Link

On Education and Research…
A tutorial on “Introduction to learning to trade with reinforcement learning” — Link

Insightful and honest article discussing whether deep reinforcement learning works or not — Link

A paper discussing various methods on how to improve language modeling by tying input word vectors and output projections — Link

A list of must-watch resources for learning to become an expert in NLP — Link

On Industry…
Facebook AI Research (FAIR) release “Tensor Comprehensions”, which is a library that aims to bridge gap between researchers and engineers who work together in ML research and implementations — Link

“The nlp algorithm to blame for Google Translator becoming a sexist” — Link

Computer scientists have developed a text mining tool based on NLP that determines cancer therapeutics given a patient’s biomarkers — Link

Linguistcs Agents Ltd. releases NLP platform for training of deep reinforcement learning agents — Link

Worthy Mentions…
Natural Language Processing Newsletter (Issue 16) — SPINN, ∂4, Nested LSTMs, Capsule Networks, Minigo, Matrix Calculus, Past Kaggle Comps, Private Image Analysis, CNN in Google Sheets, AI & Games, IMPALA — Link

An interesting machine learning course on Medium; in the recent episode, visual data analysis for ML is discussed — Link

A nice documentation comparing web annotation tools useful for conducting research — Link

See past issue of the NLP Newsletter — Link

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