Deepfakes: Who Can We Trust Really?

Original article was published by Shantesh Mani on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Shantesh Mani is a data scientist and machine learning engineer.

Shantesh has founded several companies; some were successes; some were not. He has developed a formula over time through massive sweat energy and education over years of training and overcoming challenges. He is now focused on his life mission which has taken 10 years to form and execute.

Mission 👇

Sharing, serving, empowering & growing, these values are ingrained as his core philosophy on how to live life.

He is building an organisation, unlike any other, a Human First, Negentropic Enterprise.

Shantesh has one mission…but it’s a big one!

To execute a hypothesis which he believes should be the future that this world deserves.

Want to know the hypothesis? Reach out to Shantesh, or wait till he shares the entire framework to the world, open-source and accessible for all.

He hopes to attract the greatest minds, to take it and improve it through their innovative efforts and input through agile iterations.


Everyone is talking about the next big tech disruption. AI changing the world, and yes, this is true.

Before we change the world, we must change ourselves.

Our core architecture is founded on putting humans first, without any exceptions ever. Abundance Mindsets leads to successful and fulfilled humans from within who create vital and contagious energies vibrating at frequencies throughout the universe.

Resulting in deep insights into clients needs & market demands. Gaining a profound understanding of customers, allowing superior ability to serve and work smarter. Achieve greater efficiencies, output, earning capabilities.

Most importantly, empower people and build a community. Through listening, having empathy, awareness, commitment for growth, foresight, stewardship and excellence, Shantesh will achieve his mission.


  • Develop competitive advantages.
  • Build solid foundations.
  • Structure Robust business models.
  • Dominate industries.
  • Educate people on the future of the world in the AI evolution.
  • Embrace philosophies and have a personal constitution for life.

How will the AI evolution impact society?

How we work, function, live + play…
Are you ready for it?