Deploying a Jupyter Notebook into a Real App

Original article was published by Mohammed Maheer on Deep Learning on Medium

Deploying a Jupyter Notebook into a Real App

Photo by Debashis RC Biswas on Unsplash

Start a new Notebook and add to it only the code needed to create and show the widgets that you need, and Markdown for any text that you want to appear.

Next install Voila

!pip install voilajupyter serverextension enable voila — sys-prefix
  • The first line installs the voila library and application, and
  • The Second line connects it to your existing jupyter notebook

To view your notebook as a Voila web application

Replace the word “notebooks” in your browsers URL with “voila/render”. You’ll see the same content as your notebook, but without any of the code cells.

Deploying to Binder <>

1. Add your notebook to a GitHub repository.
2. Paste the URL of that repo into Binder’s URL field.
3. Change the File drop-down to instead select URL.
4. In the “URL to open” field, enter “/voila/render/name.ipynb”
5. Click the clipboard button at the bottom right to copy the URL and paste it somewhere safe.
6. Click Launch.