Deploying a server for Rasa X chatbot

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Deploying a server for Rasa X chatbot

1.How to Create a server for Rasa X

To serve users through Rasa-X ,You need a online server which is feasible through Virtual machines or kubernetes cluster.This Topic explains how to use Google cloud’s Virtual machines for creating a Rasa server.

Virtual machines are like your desktop or laptops with an operating System ,It may be Ubuntu,windows.

You can create virtual machines in Azure,Google cloud ,IBM etc.In this tutorial , I have explained how to create Virtual machine in Google cloud.

Configuring Google cloud

1.Go to and log in with your gmail account.

2.Go to console and Enable billing to use cloud services worth 300$ valid for 1 year

3.Clicking on Billing will ask you a credit card verification and incur only 2 rs to user for verification.

4.After billing is done, You can choose Compute Engine from menu.

5.Type a name for your virtual machine at top. Select Zone nearest to your place.

(When I choose Asia south east-Mumbai ,it did work saying not having enough facility,So I choose Asia south east –Singapore)

6.Select N1 ,2 CPU for 7.5 GB ram(16 or 32 GB depending on load) and select Ubuntu 18 or 19 as per your local machine configuration.

(I tried Ubuntu 16 as per Video instruction ,Training and model upload did not work)

7.Check ticks beside “http” and “https” traffic incoming and Hit and Create.

8.It will take some minutes to create the VM with a External IP address.

(attach images of billing , selecting an OS,zone selection)

9.I also used to putty gen to create SSH keys to access through putty.

Enabling billing account
Selecting Virtual machine OS
Virtual machine instance creation

2. Configuring installation on Virtual Machine

1. I followed this article “” for installing Rasa-x in Virtual machine through Docker-compose

2. Download and run the install script of Rasa X on the server

curl -sSL -o releases/0.28.5/ the Rasa–X repo)

sudo bash ./

(install the Repo with root permission)

3. Start Rasa X

cd /etc/rasasudo docker-compose up –d(pulls the docker container which has necessary setup instructions for installing database and other requirements)

4. Set your Admin Password

sudo python create --update admin me <PASSWORD>

(password is necessary to accessing the external IP address)

Creating docker containers
Integrating version control through Github
viewing conversations coming from testers

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