Descript 101: Getting Started

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Descript 101: Getting Started

Support the community for audio and video creation overall goal is how to get started on descript. A very easy method to edit text and more this is more or less Google Doc but on audio and video.

Great indy author podcast, this is also an interesting approach. She has some intro and more.

There is also buy me a coffee as well? This seems like a donation option.

Learn how to edit audio from certain transcriptions and more, get rid of those umms and ahhs. And how to adjust clip composition and more, music effects, and more.

And also the final transcript as well. I hope it is easy to use.

You can also have composition, so it seems like a white space to write and edit. Good interface clean and simple. Next, we have a media library, this is basically a folder that stores all of the media.

Create a project and composition, interesting. What does it mean to create a composition? There are a couple of ways to create content in descript.

The interview is in audio and right after we are going to use the software to create the transcript. This is pretty powerful. It also does audio adjustments.

Next, send up to the cloud, this process is a bit slow. There is dragging and dropping but also we are able to record.

There is an option for automatic transcription. Recording in real-time, but it is able to edit the text as we are recording.

WOW! This is such great marketing.

Edit as I am recording, such a powerful tool. The transcription is happening in the background and we are able to play it back and we are able to edit the video directly.

They are able to encode different voices, it is a good idea to use this tool!

This seems like a tool for creators and some kind of clustering is done, in a lower-dimensional space.

To give a little background on other stuff. Remove all of the ignore all sounds such as umms and ahhs, this is really great!

She did a very good job in the interview, SEO is so important. What SEO is and why it is so important in today’s environment.

I can remove or just ignore the text and that’s it!

We can rearrange all of the text as well.

Google as well as other stuff too. We can use markers for editing purposes as well. Having a good knowledge of shortcuts is also another way to increase productivity.

Add music as well, this is incredibly simple and easy to use. And descript was able to know that it was an audio file. Music, or sound effects and more.