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AI Artists Directory

We are a collective of AI artisans, scientists, engineers, and machines with a focus on society. We use data and technology to experiment on representations of the anxieties of our times as a channel to surface unexplored answers. We are based in Dublin, Ireland.

Website: diavlex
Twitter: @diavlex_ai
Instagram: @diavlex_ai

Art+AI Expertise

Exploring new ways of expanding the creativity of artists and machines. Neural Painting and Generative Art.

Work with AI

The collections “Residual”, “Dreaming of Electric Sheep” and “Ixchel” focus on problems of our society. AI becomes the tool and the medium to represent these issues in a unique way that opens the space to a deeper comprehension of them. We want to offer new reading lenses. Exhibitions: Re:Work AI Summit San Francisco (2019); Career Zoo Limerick (2020).


We think that AI Art, with its different language, is able to stimulate not only the creativity of the artist, but also the ability to develop “divergent thinking” in the viewer. Being able to see the same things with different eyes is a step towards change.