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SailDrone makes wind powered + solar powered ocean drones to understand planetary systems affecting humanity.

SailDrone offers ocean data collection at-scale.

Mission-as-a-Service: Define Your Mission, Stream Real-time Data

SailDrone designs, manufactures, and operates a global fleet of wind powered + solar powered ocean drones monitoring the state of the planet in real time.


Mission Services

SailDrone offers fully managed ocean data collection services anywhere in the world. The autonomous ocean drones stream real-time data back to shore. (more)

Ocean Data Sets

SailDrone offers quality controlled on-demand global ocean in-situ data sets for an area, time-frame, and variables of interest at an unprecedented resolution. (more)

Weather Forecast

SailDrone offers high-resolution weather forecasts, enhanced by our global ocean drone observations, delivered with mobile + web apps.


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