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group: the American Museum of Natural History
video title: the living break-waters project
year: 2017

Rising sea levels are quickening the pace of beach erosion around the world, endangering coastal cities + shoreline habitats. Building oyster reefs can help restore beaches and create new habitats, even as oceans rise.

The living break-waters project was designed to reduce wave heights + wave power, and help control dangerous shoreline erosion. The project is a model for innovation in coastal protection.

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group: Scape firm
video title: the living break-waters project
year: 2017

https://vimeo.com/229715918  from Scape
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The living break-waters project is an innovative, coastal green infrastructure plan — designed to reduce erosion + damage from storm waves, and improve the health of the delicate, shoreline eco-system.  The project also encourages the community to become good stewards of their neighborhood’s near-shore waters.

The project was initially developed by Scape landscape architecture + urban design firm, for the ReBuild by Design competition — held by the US Department of Housing + Urban Development to find leading-edge ideas for coastal rescue in the wake of devastating hurricanes.

The project’s design is a living infrastructure that installs a necklace of break-waters to buffer neighborhoods from wave damage + erosion while providing a bio-diverse habitat for juvenile fish, oysters, and other sea life.

The plan is being implemented by the state of New York — with $60 million in funding. It’s currently in the schematic design process, moving into construction in year 2019.

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Our cities were built in response to yesterday’s problems. The world faces rising populations, climate change, and economic challenges. So communities can’t afford to wait until after the next hurricane or flood — or ignore chronic stresses, such as aging infrastructure + pollution — to plan for the future.

ReBuild by Design is re-imagining the way communities find solutions for today’s large scale, complex problems. We convene a mix of sectors — government, business, non-profit, community organizations — to see how overlapping environmental + human-made vulnerabilities leave cities and regions at risk.

Our core belief is: communities grow stronger with collaboration, prepared to stand-up to serious challenges. ReBuild by Design began as a design competition, launched by the US Dept. of Housing + Urban Development — in partnership with non-profits — in response to hurricane impact. The competition became a model to help government.

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HUD = Dept. of Housing + Urban Development of the United States

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