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The smart-fin is a functional surfboard fin — with built-in research sensors to collect data on the planet’s oceans. The smart-fin will integrate: temperature, motion,  GPS, pH, oxygen, algae, and water clarity sensors into a performance-grade fin that surfboarders will use. The goal of the project is to encourage everyday surfers to collect scientific data — while they’re already surfing, often on a daily basis.

Oceans are changing faster than ever before. Human activity — coastal development, fishing pressure, pollution: resulting in higher sea levels, higher acidity, and higher harmful contaminant concentrations — has profound impacts on sea + human health. And those impacts are continuing to amplify, in ways that are often difficult to visualize without accurate data.

By equipping surfers with tools to monitor + protect their cherished surf breaks, recreational surfers will be able to make valuable contributions to coastal stewardship — important because of the rapid changes happening to the planet’s coastlines. So the project encourages communities to become good stewards of coastal eco-systems.



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