Digital Marketing Simplified

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Digital Marketing Simplified

(Digital Deepak Internship Program Batch 3- Class 1)

Hi Every one, my name is Shakila. First time digging into the mine of Digital Marketing (DM). Covid19 pushed me into DM and landed in Deepak’s intern class. Will share the lessons.

Our first assignment is writing a blog on what did we learn in the first class?

Since this is an intern class, our mentor already pushed us in the water to swim 🙂 Below pic., explains the complete plan:

What is your plan?
  1. Generate content which can give great value to people, give it free & build your community
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media, Email marketing to generate organic traffic. Use them to build your community.
  3. Paid ads to get more traffic and build your community
  4. Your value additions in people’s life create the “Mass Trust” which gives them confidence to pay for your services or products & converting the leads to your customers.
  5. My Plan: (i), This blog is a free content. (ii), Steps 2 to 3 — Waiting for the class to touch upon these.


What do you want to become? The possibilities below:

a. Blogger? b. Video maker? c. Affiliate Marketer? d. Agency Owner? e. Business f. get a job?

My Goal is to get a dip into all — Blogging, Video making, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Social Media Ads etc., and then select one or few.

Finding your Niche:

Passion, skill and Market meet for your Niche.

One can find market demand with Google auto Suggest,, amazon reviews, talk to customers, scratch your own niche, look for pre & post products & services of other products etc.,

Niche — discover yours

Health, Wealth and Relationship — Select one topic

I choose Health:

How right food can be a medicine — I would like to select this & share my experience on Twin Health — How it helped me in getting my optimum weight. Also, it helped many of my diabetic friends come out of insulin intake, gradually reducing the medicine & coming out of Insulin.

Micro Niche #1 — Reversing diabetes in 30 days with food as medicine & getting rid of Insulin.

Micro Niche #2: Wellness: Holistic wellness in 30 days.

Holistic wellness is physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and financial wellness. My life got this clarity & depth after I started learning with my guru Swami Sukhabodhananda. I would like to contribute to people in making oneself holistically healthy.

Thanks so much to Digital Deepak Internship program Batch 2 Class 7 video & that helped narrow down my micro niches.

Basic skills to jump into Digital Marketing:

  1. Improve your Communication — Read books, write, think in English, watch sitcom & more
  2. Improve Sales Skills — Sales Funnel — Free Value giving; Building Mass Trust, Converting to customer; Automate the funnel and build; build relationship through automation. Build ambassadors for your brand.
  3. 1,000,000 on top to get 1000 customers.Have a Rs. 10K product, sell to 1000 customers — you generate 1Cr. Decide the time — 1 Yr, 2 Yrs or 3 Yrs.
  4. Economy — know some basics about the market trends-recession & booming. So they do not shake us.
5 stages — 1. Free Value contribution which generates substantial leads, build trust, automate, build relationships & Conversion

Personal Branding: is important:

  1. Be genuine; Share what you are authentic about what worked for you.
  2. Need not worry about fitting in. Don’t fear standing out.
  3. Put content in distinct forms — ebook, video, blog, podcast etc., Will help in building the leads.

The Plan for me is below:

  1. Work on Brand building, Sales Funnels, Sales skills
  2. Enjoyed working on this blog — will start writing more blogs
  3. Improve on communication,
  4. Bring sharpness into Goals & Niches

Thank you for reading this blog. Please leave a comment. Appreciate the comments.