Do you know what role Machine Learning plays in different industries?

The idea of Machines learning from the past experiences has always intrigued the world and many tech enthusiasts have given up their efforts to make it happen. Machine Learning has been a crucial part of Artificial Intelligence and it deals with subjects like pattern recognition and computational learning. To say the least, Machine Learning is all about designing algorithms that enable the computer to learn from data. This further helps in making smart decisions and important predictions for the future events.

Behind the flourishing success of industries, Machine Learning has given an indelible contribution. Leading Tech giants like Microsoft, Google and Amazon are now providing cloud and web services for Machine Learning. Microsoft’s Azure platform is among the first few to offer inclusive cloud services for the Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics solutions. The Azure Machine Learning Studio is a part of Cortana Intelligence Suite, lets you publish different models as web services. It also lets you build and deploy Predictive Analytics solutions based on the data you have. The main purpose of creating the Cortana Intelligence Suite was to help customers gain easy access to Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning technologies by virtue of Cloud. Since the day of its inception, Cortana Intelligence Suit has been helping different industries in uplifting their strategies. Let’s see what role Machine Learning has to play in different industries.

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Machine Learning has greatly revamped the manufacturing process and a large number of companies are now using Machine Learning algorithms to alleviate the manufacturing process. Over the last few years, there has been a radical incline in the amounts of data being produced by the manufacturing industries on daily basis. It has further aggravated the deployment of a system that helps in processing and analyzing such massive amounts of data while learning and preparing itself for the future events all at once. That’s when Big Data and Machine Learning come to the rescue. While Big Data Analytics help in processing and analyzing massive amounts of data, Machine Learning plays a significant role in making smart decisions. Advanced techniques like Smart Manufacturing, Smart Factories and Industrie 4.0 are a few examples of Machine Learning applications.

Medical And Healthcare

Machine Learning is widely being used in healthcare and medical sciences. Some of the applications include Remote Patient Monitoring and brain signal decoding. Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite is readily being used for remote patient monitoring where the health conditions of a patient are monitored. Scientists are also finding ways to decode the electrical sensations produced in human brain to read the thoughts of human mind by means of Machine Learning. A lot of research is going on in this field and numerous experiments are being conducted.

Finance Management

A large number of financial companies and FinTech giants are also using Machine Learning techniques to boost their business and improve their user relations. In finance, Machine Learning is mainly used for the classification of financial documents, underwriting of loans, portfolio optimization and much more. Machine Learning serves as one of the key tools for financial planning and is used for making important financial decisions based on the current data. Apart from that, it is also used for determining the credit rating of a borrower by monitoring his/her transaction history. In short, Machine Learning is a crucial financial asset which greatly extenuates and streamlines the financial processes of an organization.

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