Do you want to remain positive always?

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Do you want to remain positive always?

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you feel very heavy though you did not encounter any unhappy events on that day?

You would get out of your bed daily with lot of positive thoughts and plan for the day, but suddenly you feel that you are in a complete mess and lock down situation in middle of the day?

At the end of the day most of the times, do you feel that you have not delivered the planned tasks as per the original plan?

If you are a spiritual person praying everyday and spending some quality time on yoga/meditation, are you not able to keep your day fully charged with positive vibration?

If you say YES to most of the above questions, you are probably caught unknowingly into the trap of negativity.

YES, you are subjected to negativity caused by all media channels like TV, mobile, social media content etc.,


First, let’s take TV for instance. TV was created to serve as good communication and entertainment channel to serve the common people. But over a period of time in the past few decades various private channels has started to mint money by keeping common people’s mindset at stake. All the TV channels compete themselves to keep their TRP ratings higher not bothering about the viewers physical and mental condition. TV serials are once considered as mini movies to entertain and to pass on some positive message to the viewers.

But most of the TV serials nowadays are propagating all negative contents, creating instability both within the family and outside in the society. Even if you are a good person, by watching TV serials you will be vulnerable to all the bad thoughts which will influence your views about the other person surrounding you creating mistrust and misunderstandings.

Unknowingly you get into the trap of watching a TV serial daily. If you are not able to watch a single day, you would feel uncomfortable and uneasy. The negativity created by TV contents, get deep into your mind affecting the way you think and act daily.

Though honestly you admit this truth, you would still continue to live with these negative creators since it creates temporary comfort or enjoyment. But in the long run, you may not know that it is creating deep negative impact on your life.

You cannot deny the fact that you can never isolate your mindset from this negativity.


Next let’s take social media content like WhatsApp, Facebook and also the recent Tik Tok, Share chat etc., Some bad elements in the society create some negative content portraying their vulgar feelings. He forwards this content to his contacts. His contacts in turn react very fast in circulating the content without knowing that they are creating a negative impact to the society. Finally, within few hours, days and weeks it reaches the entire community where you are one among them. Though you feel initially disturbed, with anxiety you in turn forward to your contacts.

That specific content has already started influencing your thoughts and actions. The contents have become more tempting for you that you keep checking your social media contents frequently for similar or same message thereby affecting your daily routing and mood. YOU are becoming polluted and have become the victim to this modern age social media after effect.

You cannot deny the fact that the negativity created by these TV and social media creates a direct and indirect influence on your thoughts and action. Various Psychological researches have proved that these negative contents directly affects your physical and mental well-being.

What is the Solution?

Do you really want to insulate yourself from this negativity?

Do you wonder is there any way by which you can come out of this invisible trap?

YES, we at FREEANA are in the process of developing solution to relieve you from this negativity creators.

Do you want to know about FREEANA products?

FREEANA products are being developed using the latest Artificial Intelligence technology.

It has got 2 variants

1) TV Variant

2) Mobile Variant


Are you interested to know about the technical features of FREEANA.

FREEANA has got 2 inputs and 1 output

One of the input is camera mounted in top of TV which continuously senses the mood of the viewer through FER (Facial Emotion Recognition through Deep Learning). The other input is the audio recorder. Through built in voice to text conversion algorithms, the telecast media content is continuously tagged based upon the intensity of negativity/positivity.

Facial Emotion Recognition through Deep Learning

Both the inputs are processed through Machine Learning algorithms and output is generated.

Depending on the intensity of the output, it will be assigned +ve and -ve values. If the derived value is positive, the product will show a GREEN signal in terms of light blinking. If the value start becoming negative, it will show ORANGE signal. If the value crossed a pre-set negative value, it will either automatically change the TV channel or show a continuous RED signal to alert the viewer. No body wants to continue to do anything which will impact their mental and physical health.

FREEANA’s mobile variant also uses the same AI technology and utilizes the mobile front camera and content scanner. Both the inputs gets processed inside the mobile app.

If the output value is positive, it will show GREEN colour pop up on the screen. If the value starts getting into negative, it will trigger orange colour pop up. If the value crosses a pre-set negative value, RED colour pop up will trigger you to come out of the particular social media content.

Are your interested to embrace this positive change?

If you want to change the way you consume media content, FREEANA would be your perfect choice.

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Use FREEANA and free yourselves from the ill effects of media contents. Let’s try to keep our body and mind stable and positive always.

A POSITIVE mindset would lead to effective working and a very efficient personal life.

YOU can also cross the barriers of negativity and embark on a new journey of getting into positive and creative thinking.

Are we not created to do better things in this world than to restrict ourselves with these negative surroundings?

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Have you have taken decision to remain positive always ?