Domenico Barra [Altered_Data]

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Domenico Barra [Altered_Data]

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Domenico Barra [Altered_Data] is a multimedia artist exploring and exploiting glitches to suggest dialogues on new media in terms of temporality, opportunity, functionality, accessibility and also about failure, network, intelligence, language, memory and identity. I am the creator of the White Page Gallery/s.

Twitter: @domibarra
Instagram: @domenicodombarra

Art+AI Expertise

Establishing connections, symbiosis in a digital environment, enhancing our human nature in close contact and collaboration with machines through art.

Work with AI

Deus Ex Machina and Artificialemente are two of my major works made with AI and about AI. Deus Ex Machina because is the project where I really took time to think about AI and its impact on our life. Artificialemente because it is where AI really inspired my creativity and lead me to create a project where AI is the co-author, AI made the images that inspired me the text of the story. Often AI works are referred as the machine dream, and Artificialemente is a surreal story about a dream.


A shift in perspective. I am sure that, if properly and wisely implemented in our daily tasks, our life can benefit from it. I am not just being too positive. I just believe that it is always a matter of choices. #AI can enhance meanings of our existence that we take for granted.