Edge AI hardware you can buy today

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Several companies like Graphcore, Cerebras, Mythic etc (long list of such companies here) are working on deep learning accelerators for training/inference of deep neural networks however very few such products are available to buy today. Below is a list of deep learning specific development boards you can buy today —

  1. Intel Neural Compute Stick 2 — This USB form factor development board is powered by Intel Myriad X Vision processing unit (VPU). Before Myriad X Intel/Movidius had launched Myriad 2 which power the 1st Gen of the Intel Neural Compute stick. To program the Intel OpenVino tootkit has to be used. Purchase here — https://software.intel.com/en-us/neural-compute-stick/where-to-buy. Cost — $99
  2. Google Edge TPU — Google had announced Edge TPU sometime back but now they are available to purchase and they are part of the Coral platform. Currently there are two form factors available to purchase, either the development board or the USB stick. It can be programmed using Tensorflow Lite. Google has provided some performance number here — https://coral.withgoogle.com/tutorials/edgetpu-faq/. Purchase here — https://coral.withgoogle.com/products/. Cost — $74.99
  3. NVIDIA Jetson Nano — This is the latest deep learning development board for Edge AI released by Nvidia at GTC 2019. It can be programmed using Tensorflow, Pytorch. Cost — $99.