Edge AI

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

What does Edge AI really mean ? I get asked this question several times over and decided to share my thoughts on this topic. Edge AI commonly refers to components required to run an AI algorithm locally on device, it’s also referred to as on-Device AI. Of late it means running Deep learning algorithms on device and most articles tend to focus only on one component i.e. inference. This series of articles will shed some light on the other components and challenges of Edge AI. This series is divided as follows:

In Part 1, Why run AI algorithms on Edge

In Part 2, Edge AI Components – Sensor Data Capture

In Part 3, Edge AI Components – Pre-processing

In Part 4, Edge AI Components – Inference

In Part 5, Edge AI Components – Performance Evaluation

In Part 6, Edge AI Components – Real Time Metrics

In Part 7, Edge AI Components – Scheduling & System Architecture

In Part 8, Edge AI Components – Bridging the gap between Edge AI & Cloud AI