Education System in India

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Education System in India

Can AI bring a change?

Can AI Bring a Change in AI

Indian Education System started in 5000 years back on the lines of the Vedic system. India Is known for its literal work and dignified scholars it has produced over time. Now let’s jump to the 1800s Indian Education System has witnessed an evolution in its patterned over time. During the 1800s Thomas Babington Macaulay of East India Company wanted to bring revolution to the educational system of India. He wanted to bring changes in the medium of imparting education through an introduction of the teaching of English Language in Schools and Education to be Utilitarian in character, education with a purpose by passing an act on English Education in 1835.

The current Education System is following the same patterns which were laid down then. It is divided into Primary Education, Upper Primary Level, Elementary Level, Higher Level. CBSE, ICSE, State Boards, Exclusive Education Boards our embedded in the system of education.

Glancing on the present state of education in the modern-day world and amid COVID-19, were reaching out to children and continuing with the curriculum, and keeping in mind the health of students AI can improve our teaching methods. Education has always focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) which has led to the student’s contemplating suicide. The students are in the habit of rote learning without enjoying their concerned subjects. The secret lies in the understanding of the subject by memorizing which helps in uplifting t mental stature of students. Artificial Intelligence ensures that learning can take place without punishment and creative ways can be used to help make the experience of learning effectively.

We can modify the objectives of our education which remains with the child over the years. Instead of just producing workers, clerks, military man, engineers, doctors one should first cater to need of the child, understanding the individuality of each student differing from another. All having different abilities to learn and understand, the pace of learning involves is also different. Artificial Intelligence makes learning interesting and interactive in nature. Nvidia, AlphaGo are used in deep learning to generate neural networks in Artificial Intelligence usage to run the application.

A.I. has helped us in creating our classroom environments student-friendly. the new pattern of education being child-centred this goal is feasible with the installation of A.I. powered classes. Teachers can easily deliver their content in the classes on a whiteboard, digital board and smart class enabled in school. When a child working with the computer it traces the learning pattern of the child. In understanding the pace of the child. The learning style of a child can be comprehended and can be catered to meet the learning requirement of the child.

The Gap of learning which arises in the understanding of the subject is monitored easily. easily.A.I. helps teachers in delivering their class. It helps them to spend more time with students and doing all the work on behalf of a teacher correcting and maintaining the records of students. Help can be taken in administrative work in academics. The test can be easily designed to assess the student’s performance, through the test, quiz games environment of a class can be enriched.

A.I. can easily focus on gap learning, understanding the difficulty level being faced by the student so that learning can be possible in the child. A customized environment can be given to the student according to the learning style of the childlike auditory learners can be given audios of the teacher, to a visual learner an animated video related to the learning topic can be provided. In this way, the performance of a student can be improved and the potential of the student can be improved. One on One attention can be given to all the classmates which enhances working.

Certain applications are being used by different educational institutions like ThinksterMath, Brainly, Content technology, Mathian which aids the learning process. Making it creative easy and easily understandable by all. Making it an integral part of our education system will surely move mountains for young minds.

The question is often raised as to whether Artificial Intelligence will replace Teachers and Facilitators imparting education, but this is just a half-truth. A.I. in really modifies the working of teachers, assisting them in their classroom proceeding. No A.I. can replace teachers and educators although it can help evolve the education system of India and any country in this regard.