Emergence of AI and its impact on different sectors

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Emergence of AI and its impact on different sectors

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We live in a technologically advanced era with almost everything being done on a mere click of our finger. But sometimes we don’t even need to click as your voice is all you need. “Alexa, play chammak challo” and see the magic. All thanks to Artificial intelligence.


  • What is it that’s driving our fragile but persistent human mates, in simple terms scientists, experts or professionals, diving so deep in such endeavours?
  • What’s making them believe that there’s still a heck load of treasure they need to find?

It’s the possibilities.

Coming this far in AI is no magic. It’s all because of the optimism, hard work and prognostic attitude of those behind such marvellous creations.

All we need a start and the rest will follow. We are still thousands of miles away from what AI can do or what’s its true potential. But, knowing that increases our morale of not giving up until we achieved that milestone.

What have we achieved?

When we set sail in the sea we don’t dream to conquer only one or two islands. When we sail we wholeheartedly want to see what lies beyond those seas or islands. We would like to see what’s the possibilities of finding something that no one has seen or experienced before.

On the same note, AI emergence has brought the new perspective of how we can use it in our day to day life? Like, in shopping, purchasing, disseminating information, travelling, conversing, trading, manufacturing, and a heck load of other things.

  1. Impact on Legal Research

The power of AI-driven software and features can be seen in different aspects of law which makes it easy to make connections between data and track real-time progress in the judiciary system.

Software specially designed for legal affairs has drastically structured the landscape. Now,

  • Lawyers can do more billable work that also within the stipulated time.
  • Helping them to use ample time to serve their clients and do their counselling.
  • Negotiating with opposite counsel and performing other crucial tasks.
  • Extracting records by analysing past legal documents to reinforce the arguments in a hassle freeway.

2. Impact on Digital Marketing

With the digital marketing industry making its place in this new normal the inclusion of AI will help it to achieve its full potential. This will make the marketing cost-effective, data-driven and campaigns to be more engaging and appealing.

AI has entered digital marketing in every form be it how you organise campaigns, display your products, interact with your customers or clients and even how you plan out your strategy.

Without AI it wouldn’t be possible to predict what your customer is thinking, their interest and behaviour, analysing the reason if someone visits your website, tailoring your communication style and tool and delivering it to them in a real-time basis.

3. Impact on Labour market

A study conducted by Intel and Indian School of Business showed differently but shared intellect on AI inclusion.

  • About 90 per cent of respondents suggested that AI is essential or highly relevant to their business.
  • Around 80 per cent felt that the workforce will have to undergo significant re-skilling due to AI implementations over the next two years.
  • 70 per cent of the respondents expect their organisational headcount to increase in response to AI over the next two years.
  • More than 40 per cent of small and micro firms use AI for decision support.

Many more surveys have been conducted by different agencies or organisations. All of them sharing the common ground that it’s just a start.

4. Impact on medical science

In the last three decades, the healthcare sector has produced a huge amount of unstructured data. But, with the integration of AI technical analysis of such data radically changed the behaviour of medical professionals and practitioners.

AI has paved the way for analysing, anticipating and predicting diseases in a quick and non-invasive manner. Moreover, advances in image processing techniques or technologies resulted in more cost-effective and better service to the patient.

Also, many different technologies have been built to understand the human structure, how it functions and can we mould it as per our requirements?

We believe it’s now the need of the hour to seek a revolution in this field seeing how we all are surrounded by unprecedented and incurable diseases and dysfunctions.

5. Impact on government functioning

News:- “Ministry of MSME has implemented Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) on its robust Single Window System ‘Champions’ for providing assistance and solutions to the issues of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).”

The government has also understood what it means to be on the ball and stay up to date as we move into the new future. This is just a glimpse. We all will surely witness some amazing developments and bold steps not only in our political system but also in all the pillars of our democracy.

To sum up, the age of Artificial Intelligence has just started and will continue to bloom for the next many years until it matures and nurtures those who are dependent on it.

Till we need to explore and find ways as to how to make this cutting edge technology scalable and of wider usage. With coming this far, though not so far, there’s a hope that still we need to experience things we couldn’t think of before.

AI is already changing the world in ways we couldn’t imagine just a few decades ago. But it’s up to us how it shapes the future.

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