Empathy + Innovation + Flexibility + Optimism

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Empathy + Innovation + Flexibility + Optimism

Hello students:

Today is our first day for many of us, not going to school or work!

While many companies, industries, schools, and universities have been preparing for disruption, such as automation, robotics, and AI. None could have predicted the ultimate black swan — the coronavirus outbreak, disrupting work, air travel, family gatherings, daily work, college exams and much more.

No one knows what lasting effect coronavirus will have on our economy, work, family, society, and way of life.

This is unquestionably testing our emotional and social operating system and function collectively, which is better known as emotional intelligence.

As we interact with each other, it is our responsibility to show empathy, compassion, unparalleled optimism, and flexibility that will lead us out of this crisis. It may all come down to our ability to self- direct and constantly problem-solve, personally and professionally.

We must build a level of respect and calm for ourselves and others.

Be empathetic — Corona-virus is affecting everyone, not just us at ReadyAI. We must remind ourselves that we have no idea what other people (students, friends, and other colleagues) are going through will unify us and make us a more reasonable and more relaxed individual. Sensing that everyone is in a comparable situation is the remedy to highly elevated levels of stress, fear, pessimism, and rigidity that will only increase our frustration and ability to problem solve.

Be innovative — Tech and gadgets have made it possible for us to work anywhere. With FaceTime, email, and online chat, we can continue to work even if we are forced to do that from home. Video, not text, and audio call can help us bridge the space between office and home. All these solutions are at our fingertips — we have to embrace the change. That’s why at ReadyAI, we are requesting that we have twice a day video/virtual mingling in with our team members.

Be flexible — We have been planing for summertime and various events and conferences, activities, and camps. Let us consider taking a wait-and-see approach rather than canceling these events now. Or we can even consider flipping the concept and content to a genuinely virtual event by webcasting. This is what we are thinking for WAICY 2020.

Be optimistic — I think everyone, including governments around the world, medical systems, the media, and business and civic leaders, are all attempting solutions and communicating with the public to prevent panic and spread of disinformation. Think about it; consider this a time to be grateful that we can access all the information we need to make educated decisions, and not react to disinformation.

There are notable changes to our conferences, and the way we work or study for school will inevitably be disorienting. Let’s show empathy, optimism, and gratitude for the work people have done and doing. And be thankful for their understanding. Our sense of confidence and appreciation will allow solutions and new ideas to come through. Let’s not forget that empathy is critical. We are all in this together, and together we will find a way forward.

By taking charge of our mindset, staying optimistic, and find solutions, we are helping ourselves and others. This is a human and emotionally intelligent thing to do for ourselves, our families, our colleagues, our students, and our clients.

Deep breaths and positive and happy thoughts.

As we are staying home and working and studying from home these days or weeks, it is natural that we spend so much time in our head, make sure it’s a nice place to be 🙂

Let’s be more empathetic, innovative, flexible, and optimistic.


CEO, ReadyAI