event | AI Paris

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event title: AI Paris
brand: Pronoia co.
theme: Discover the impact of emerging tech.

season: spring
when: March 21 — 22
year: 2019
where: Paris, France

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— about the event —

The AI revolution is here. It’s time to create an eco-system with strong pillars. AI Paris aims to bring together the world’s brightest minds, industry experts, academics, researchers, investors, tech leaders, plus start-ups. Together at a shared event to discuss + discover the impact of emerging technologies:

  • software + hardware — artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics
  • across — business, industry and government

Enterprises face conflicting priorities. Where do they turn to cut through the hype and determine how to prioritize AI tech for their business? So AI Paris is organized around this singular goal, enabling business leaders to:

  • build a competitive advantage
  • drive new business models and opportunities
  • reduce operational costs
  • accelerate innovation efforts

— the benefits —

AI Paris provides business leaders with a strategic look at the state of the practice in enterprise artificial intelligence — across multiple industry verticals. Hear from top executives how they’re leveraging AI, machine learning, and intelligent tech.

  • understand how AI will impact your: customers, partners, employees
  • learn from enterprise innovators how they’re harnessing the power of AI
  • meet tech leaders to learn how you can use intelligent technologies today
  • gain knowledge from experts who learned from piloting + deploying emerging tech
  • see how leaders are successfully automating business operations to drive revenue + reduce costs.

— implementing enterprise AI —

learn what works and what doesn’t. At AI Paris learn how to use transformative tech in day-to-day business operations with:

  • keynotes
  • case studies
  • research papers
  • proven best practices
  • success stories

— your opportunity —

This 2 day conference is dedicated to help your organization discover where to find the best business applications for artificial intelligence, machines learning, and robotics. AI Paris is your chance to:

  • discover new tools, trends, tech — Stay on top of modern trends to enable your AI journey.
  • learn from the best — Hear experts debate present + future emerging tech in keynotes, panels, fireside chats.
  • see the showcase of products — Get to know upcoming, revolutionary products in AI, machine learning, robotics.

You can meet + greet: 500 global enterprises, decision makers, tech leaders, start-ups, investors, government officials, regulators, researchers, academics, and AI solution providers.

 — about the brand —

Pronoia is a platform for data-driven knowledge sharing. We’re democratising access to know-how by connecting expert insights with companies and industry professionals. We’re focused on innovation and tech that changes people’s lives.

We offer comprehensive content in dynamic programs. We encourage industry leaders to exchange experience + explore key solutions in the global market. We feature a premier series of must-attend AI and block-chain conferences.

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