event | Paradigm Shift

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event title: Paradigm Shift
brand: Paradigm Press

season: autumn
when: November 12 — 14
year: 2019
where: New York, NY • United States


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Paradigm Press provides independent economic commentary, analysis, and education through print + web publications, videos, seminars, and conference calls.

We provide unbiased market commentary + market news. Paradigm Press is 100% independent. Our editors are not shy about making bold predictions. Their insights have been recognized by:

the Wall Street Journal
the Economist
the Financial Times
the Washington Post
the San Francisco Chronicle,
the Los Angeles Times
the Daily Telegraph
US News + World Report
Fox • cNBC • Reuters


Hear Predictions from Your Favorite experts sharing the Paradigm Shifts that truly matter for 2020 and beyond.

Network with peers

You can meet + mingle with 300 other VIPs who are discovering “secret” paradigms in finance.

We’ve teamed up with the world’s most credible insiders, experts and operatives who’ve defected from the mainstream to bring their models straight to the people


  • 20 visionary speakers
  • 0 sales pitches
  • 400,000 Paradigm Press subscribers
  • 300 VIP seats available