Expanding the possibilities of programming languages with Bosque webinar

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The Bosque Programming Language project investigates the implications of explicitly designing a program language with the goal of supporting automated reasoning tools. This webinar, led by Principal Engineer Mark Marron, explains the ideas behind this project, the exciting results that are already coming out of the project, and implications this programming language has on the future of software development.

You will learn about how seemingly simple language choices can result in massive challenges to automated program understanding and how, via alternative design choices, these problems can be avoided. In many ways, perhaps surprisingly, these alternative designs are as ergonomic as original features and can create opportunities for addressing key challenges as programming languages move into a cloud-centric world.

You will also examine some of the cutting-edge results in program verification, testing, and program resource use analysis that have been enabled by the Bosque language. Finally, get a brief look at some of the future opportunities and new programming experiences that may be possible with the advent of the Bosque language.

Together, you’ll explore:

  • A new way to think about programming languages and their design
  • The introduction of a new category of regularized programming languages
  • How this programming model enables previously infeasible developer experiences
  • Possibilities for how the Bosque language will evolve in the future

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