Experience how “artificial intelligence” judges your face [Week 41/20 in Review]

Original article was published by Stefan Natter on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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Welcome to my “Week in Review” series. This week contains an interesting AI tool and links to improve your CSS skills. Enjoy. You can share your thoughts about the tools I present in this article with me in the comments below or on Twitter.

How normal am I?

“How normal are we really? 🤔” this question made me curious when I found “How normal am I?” on ProductHunt. It is a live experience to see how an AI would judge your face.

All you have to do is allowing the website to access your webcam (they say no personal data is collected) and start the process. It’s funny when you get feedback like “You are more attractive than 80% of the Spice Girls.”. I am not sure, but still — thank you! 😅

You can try it for free on hownormalami.eu.

📗 Books

“Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” by Daniel H. Pink fascinates me. I am halfway through it and have highlighted many valuable pieces of information. I can recommend this book to anyone, especially leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Bye, bye, 41/2020.

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