Fabin Rasheed

Original article was published by Beth Jochim on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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Fabin Rasheed is an India based Artist, Designer, Innovator and Technologist working in the intersection of Creativity and Technology. Fabin’s works revolve around either creating tools for creativity or using technology (like AI, AR/VR) to augment creativity and make art.

Website: https://www.nurecas.com
Twitter: @fabinrasheed
Instagram: @nurecas

Art+AI Expertise

I have been working on Art+AI since 2018. I like to create tools for authoring art or using these tools to create Art.

Work with AI

My works have been featured at Florence Biennale (Florence, Italy), WeWork AI Summit (San Francisco, USA), Cueva Gallery, Cobalt Gallery (Bangalore, India), NeurIPS Creativity Gallery (Vancouver, Canada) etc. Some of my best projects are Auria Kathi (the first autonomous AI artist in the clouds), ArtActual (using GauGAN to translate hand drawn art to real life images), Augmented Artist (hand drawn art inspired from generated art) etc.


Art, creativity and love are the pinnacles of humanity according to me. While there is fear for the future, there are also possibilities. Its up-to us to drive these new forms of expression using AI. Will we Dominate, Participate, Liberate or Capitulate?