Face Depixelizer: What could go wrong?

Original article was published on Deep Learning on Medium

Face Depixelizer: What could go wrong?

On the 20th of June, 2020, Art-Hooligan, Coder and Blogger Bomze (@tg_bomze) posted his project that generates high-resolution images given some low-resolution input images. This is an amazing use of Deep Learning!

The post immediately got traction! Not long after the creation of the post, people started wondering whether it could upscale some of the sprites from old 80’s-90’s games.

With the default settings, a character from Doom would look like this when upscaled:

But tweaking the seed parameter in the advanced settings, things would start looking weird:

Here’s a character from Minecraft:

And Mario:

Here’s best-looking guy, Squall, from Final Fantasy VIII:

And finally, here’s former president, Barrack Obama:

Of course, we still have long ways to go with this technology. But with how things are moving, it wouldn’t be too long before we perfect Face Depixelizing.