Facial Recognition Technology

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Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition is the way of recognizing and identifying a human face by the use of a recognition system. It works under different AI algorithms and it is the top trending technology that is being applied in multiple devices for the sake of recognizing a face. It is also called as the advanced form of computer vision processing.


Facial recognition technology is a subfield of pattern recognition technology. It uses the image of a face to recognize the results. The system takes an image as a set of discernable pixel patterns and matches them with the data to get the desired results. These systems need to detect the face and not the background (noise) that is being analyzed. Facial recognition is among one of few biometric systems that are maintaining the higher accuracy and low intrusiveness. By the use of this technology, it is now become very easy to secure your data and maintaining integrity.

How does it work?

Figure 1 below is demonstrating the working of facial recognition technology. At first, it captures the image of a face for recognition. This image is called a “probe image”. It uses the camera to capture the image and confirms that the captured image is clear and pixels are detailed. The efficiency of the system is highly dependent on the characteristics of the image and quality of the system to detect. This process usually starts with face detection but the image may contain the background and complex patterns so the system needs to apply a normalization technique on the “probe image” so that its format would not affect the results. After applying the normalization, “probe image” is then transferred to the facial recognition system. The system usually extracts the features from the image and will create a biometric “template” to compare them with the database.

After analyzing the probe image, the system will look for the perfect match. There are two ways of matching the image. Either the system looks for the database attached or there is human involvement. The system will detect the perfect match and if it gets the same facial features from the database it will show “Good guy” or if the system is failed to get any desired facial results then it will show you “bad guy”. It works under a certain hierarchy and that’s all you need to know about its working scenario.


Facial recognition technology is the most emerging technology nowadays and it is the most important and challenging technique. In the era of biometric techniques, it is considered as more user-friendly (non-instructiveness). In this article, we have learned about facial recognition technology and also learned about its working. I hope this article might help you to understand the basics of the Facial recognition technique.