Fail to Scale

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

About the speaker

Ian is Deloitte’s chief data scientist and a partner in Omnia AI. With more than 20 years of experience delivering advanced analytics projects, solutions, and software for financial services and other industries, he leads the development and delivery of large-scale, data-intensive analytical projects involving advanced modeling and machine learning. Among other positions, Ian has been a vice president of a big-data company and CTO of an analytics software company serving the financial services industry. He holds a PhD in physics from Harvard University.

About the talk

Many established organizations are keen to leverage AI against their data to innovate, yet struggle to see any value when they try. Most professionals would recognize challenges due to technology deficits, but there are critical organizational challenges that if not addressed, ultimate lead to failure to deliver value. In this presentation, Dr. Scott will discuss the state of AI delivery at legacy organizations, and how to accelerate the path to value.