v Google, Automated Time Series Modeling, RStudio’s Latest Game Changing Release, and more…

R has fallen behind a bit in the programming languages race but with RStudio’s latest release, the ‘Package Manager’ tool, it has certainly upped the stakes. Organizations had so far cited security concerns for reasons of not adopting R, and that has gone out of the window with this tool.

Highlights from the past week: RStudio’s Package Manager, Automated Time Series Modeling, an automated Fraud Detection system that is 50 times quicker, and more mind-blowing developments below!

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  • Perform Automated Time Series Modeling with DataRobot’s Latest Tool: Time Series modeling is one of the most complex and tricky tasks in data science. So how about automating it? That’s exactly what DataRobot’s latest tool does! It automates: 1) Feature Engineering, 2) Detecting stationarity, 3) Detecting seasonality, 4) Transforming the target variable, and much more!

The above AVBytes were published from 6th to 12th August, 2018.

Source: Deep Learning on Medium