Final Year latest IEEE 2019 2020 projects for computer science,IT,Electronics and…

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Final Year latest IEEE 2019 2020 projects for computer science,IT,Electronics and telecommunication students

for more IEEE projects visit our site www.projectwale.com1) Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data 2019
2) Deep Learning-based Job Placement in Distributed Machine Learning Clusters 2019
3) Human Behaviour Recognition Using Wifi Channel State Information 2019
4) Deep Learning Based Phase Reconstruction for Speaker Separation: A Trigonometric Perspective 2019
5) DRL360: 360-degree Video Streaming with Deep Reinforcement Learning 2019
6) A Review on Machine Learning Classification Techniques for Plant Disease Detection 2019
7) Disentangling Correlated Speaker and Noise for Speech Synthesis via Data Augmentation and Adversarial Factorization 2019
8) A Fully Convolutional Neural Network for Complex Spectrogram Processing in Speech Enhancement 2019
9) Mobile Robot Navigation based on Deep Reinforcement Learning 2019
10) Real-time Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning 2019
11) An Attention-based Neural Network Approach for Single Channel Speech Enhancement 2019
12) Packet-based Network Traffic Classification Using Deep Learning 2019
13) Phonemic-level Duration Control Using Attention Alignment for Natural Speech Synthesis 2019
14) Crowd-Robot Interaction: Crowd-Aware Robot Navigation With Attention-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning 2019
15) Static and Dynamic Malware Analysis Using Machine Learning 2019
16) Fast Imaging in the Dark by using Convolutional Network 2019
17) Self-supervised Audio-visual Co-segmentation 2019
18) Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Breast Cancer Diagnosis 2019
19) Randomly Weighted CNNs for (Music) Audio Classification 2019
20) Artificial Intelligence of Things Wearable System for Cardiac Disease Detection 2019
21) Multi-speaker Emotional Acoustic Modeling for CNN-based Speech Synthesis 2019
23) Fully Supervised Speaker Diarization 2019
24) Real-time machine learning for early detection of heart disease using big data approach 2019
25) Artificial Intelligence in Future Evolution of Mobile Communication 2019
27) Internet of Things for Greenhouse Monitoring System Using Deep Learning and Bot Notification Services 2019
29) Real-time Speech Enhancement Using an Efficient Convolutional Recurrent Network for Dual-microphone Mobile Phones in Close-talk Scenarios 2019
32) Prediction of Heart Disease Using Machine Learning Algorithms. 2019
34) DioT: A Federated Self-learning Anomaly Detection System for IoT 2019
36) Intrusion Detection by Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2019
39) Spoofing Attack Detection by Anomaly Detection 2019
41) AIR: Attentional Intention-Aware Recommender Systems 2019
43) Location-Velocity Attention for Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction 2019