First Time on Artificial Intelligence World?

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First Timer?

Don’t worry, me too. I am originally not coming from an IT background. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn AI!. All it takes is just willing to get your dreams comes true. Dream high!.

Where To Start?

If you’re asking me, I would like to say join the academy or any training place that can teach you AI so well. Whether it’s free or not. If you can’t, you might need to be a good autodidact person.

Okay, enough for that. Now let’s talk about the material, where did I have to start learning AI?
First of all…


Why am I saying this? am I good at Math?. Of course not! (hahaha)

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What I’m trying to say is, at least you understand that. What kind of math that I should learn? Here’s the list for you :

Algebra and Linear Algebra
Statistics (This is the most important)

That’s only a big picture. You can dive into the material for free at khan academy.

Next stop?

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Yeah!, at least you have to be good at this programming language. I’m not gonna be fully technical about this. But you can find a lot of free courses regarding learning the python programming language.

What else?

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If you finish learn (and understand) those two basic. The rest would become (not too) easy. what I’m trying to say is, you already prepared!. My suggestion, for now, go deep dive to the Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC) by Google. It’s a start for you to understand how AI works.

I believe you’re getting confused. What’s the difference between ML and AI? here’s the difference according to an article at But I’m just gonna explain it a little bit.

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In a nutshell, Artificial Intelligence is a big picture of how can we make a “technology” looks so smart and can be dependable. Now, Machine Learning is a method to accomplish the AI terms. What about DL? It’s Deep Learning. No need to know more about it. But it’s a technique in using Machine Learning.

I have done everything you explained, and I haven’t made any single AI!!!

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No need to mad bro (peace) the real deal is gonna come soon!

In the MLCC, you’ve been learned some about ML using TensorFlow Library (If you don’t familiar with TensorFlow, please go back to MLCC). There’s a good specialization at Coursera regarding about implementation of the TensorFlow. Here’s the link: TensorFlow In Practice Specialization

It’s free for 7 days (If I’m not mistaken), so use your day wisely.


After following everything above, you will be able to make your own ML and try to solve some world problems with it. Don’t worry, if you feel like you still need more, then me too!.

And by the way, everything that I write above is how I learn ML. So please do try it and share your experience here!