Flipkart Collaborates with IIT Patna over AI Research and ZIM deploys AI to discard misdeclared…

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Flipkart Collaborates with IIT Patna over AI Research and ZIM deploys AI to discard misdeclared cargoes.

Flipkart collaborates with IIT-Patna over research in artificial intelligence, machine learning and more

Flipkart has announced its collaboration with IIT Patna for research in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. The two signed an MoU that would help to create industry-focused applied research in the field of AI, ML, and NLP. As a part of the MoU, IIT Patna would undertake various programs including research activities, organising seminars, and providing internship and mentorship opportunities. The academic collaboration would bring real-world industry exposure to students and scholars at IIT Patna. The faculty members of the institute will have the opportunity to work with Flipkart on research projects and help them create capabilities in automation, AI, ML, and NLP.

ZIM deploys artificial intelligence to root out misdeclared cargoes

ZIM, the Israeli carrier, has developed and implemented a screening software that is backed by AI and detects the incidents of misdeclared hazardous cargo before it is loaded to the vessel. Misdeclared cargoes have been the reason behind many boxship blazes in recent years and it is crucial to address this issue.

The ZIMGuard system flags potential cases of wrongly declared cargoes by scanning shippers’ cargo declarations at an early stage. The system uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing capabilities to analyse the documentation and alert operations teams of omissions, concealments, or erroneous declarations of hazardous cargoes in real-time.

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