Free ObjDetection API from EazyMind (Tut 1)

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Free ObjDetection API from EazyMind (Tut 1)

This tutorial series goes through the different APIs that EazyMind (an Ai-As-A-Service platform) offers. EazyMind offers multiple AI services for Free, Obj Detection is one of them !!

EazyMind also offers Text Summarization as another free API.

EazyMind also offers Text Summarization as a Free API

Today we would go through how to use the ObjDetection API that EazyMind offers, we also go through how this API has been built under the hood, so lets begin!!

1- How to use ObjDetecion Free API in your project

EazyMind provides its Free APIs as a python pypi package, you just needs to free register on EazyMind then use your key to access the api

  1. first free register on EazyMind
  2. get your key
  3. install python package
pip install eazymind

4. then use the api itself

from import Detector
key = "xxxxxxxxxxxx"

with open("image1.jpg" , "rb") as img:
detector = Detector(key)
detected_image =
with open("out_detected.jpg" , "wb") as out_img:

you can also use this api through curl calls

curl -X POST
-F imagedata=@{imagefile}.jpg
-F key={eazymind api key}
-o {outputfile}.jpg

actually you can further extend this API and call it in any other language, as after all it is just HTTP calls.

Now lets learn more about how this API is built under the hood !!

2- How the API is actually built

We have built this API as an extension to the amazing efforts by Google by making their work opensource, I truly like to thank them fro making their work available for the public, we have wrapped their work through an API inside EazyMind.

2.A Model used

Google has provided a list of models for ObjDetection, they provide a balance between both speed and precision, we have chosen ssd_mobilenet_v1_coco as our model of choice

2.B Tensorflow model

We have used this code base and added it into EazyMind, it is built