Fun With Deep Learning LSTMs

I am taking the 5th and class in the series on sequence models. The programming assignment adds an emoji to any sentence appropriate to its meaning. If you have a Coursera account here is the link to the assignment.

The fun part is that you can give it you own sentences to add an emoji to. The possible choices, the model adds are: ❤️ ⚾ ? ? ?

Here are some test that I made up (or they are Monty Python lines). The LSTM model added the emoji at the end.

Take me out to the ball game ⚾
Would you want to play a game ⚾
Top of the morning to ya ⚾ <not so great>
Im not dead yet ?
I feel happy ?
Happy happy joy joy ?
We want a shrubbery ? <not so great>
Eh whats up doc ❤️
Yow baby ❤️
nice gams ❤️
How do I love thee Let me count the ways ❤️
Whats a girl like you doing in place like this ❤️
Shes got huge tracks of land ?
Whats for dinner ?
Whole food plant based diet ?
Its just a flesh wound ?
Ill bite your legs off ?
She turned me into a newt ?
How dreadfully drab and awful ?
Nobody expects the spanish inquisition ?
Everything goes in everything goes out fish bananas old pajamas ?
I cant get no satisfaction ?
Ive been putting out the fire with gasoline ?
Its been so long ?
We just got our asses kicked ?
Say what one more time motherfucker I dare you ?
Yippie Ki Yay MotherFucker ?
ikey ikey ikey zoo boing ni ⚾ <no right answer>

Source: Deep Learning on Medium