Fun with StyleGAN: Let’s predict the Tesla CyberTruck design!

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Fun with StyleGAN: Let’s predict the Tesla CyberTruck design!

What happens when you generate a car with StyleGAN from the latent mix of an old Pickup Truck and a Tesla Model X?

On November 21st, Elon Musk is going to unveil a new Tesla pickup truck which he says

So naturally, being a Data Scientist and a Tesla fanboy, I had to explore if an AI could predict the design of this truck!

After weeks of trying and failing, I finally found a Generative-AI model called StyleGAN, which can produce imaginary car designs, and I used this model to combine the design of a Pickup Truck and a Tesla Model X to give us an estimated design of a Tesla Truck.

StyleGAN output for Old Pickup Truck + Tesla Model X

On further combining the design of the hypothetical Tesla Truck with that of an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), we get the best estimate of the CyberTruck design as per Elon’s description.

Is this what the Tesla CyberTruck will look like? StyleGAN seems to think so.

Understanding StyleGAN

StyleGAN was introduced by researchers at NVIDIA earlier this year. It is most known for being able to generate random human faces that look very realistic. They also provide pre-trained models for generating cars, which is what I have used in this project.

These people are not real. These are random faces generated by StyleGAN. [source]

A typical Generator network of any GAN method uses an image of random noise pixels drawn from a Gaussian Distribution as a starting point. It then learns to convert this noisy image to the target distribution, which is the image of a car in our case.