Future of Artificial Intelligence in Education

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Future of Artificial Intelligence in Education

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For many decades authors of science fiction, futurists and movie makers were anticipating the enormous improvements that will arise with the introduction of widespread of artificial intelligence. So far AI hasn’t yet made such crazy waves, but in some domains AI is performing so well that human can’t beat AI. By the development of intelligent sensors that help us to take perfect pictures, automatic parking features in cars, besides this AI is performing very well. AI technology has wide range of applications that, while not as mind-blowing as androids, still changing our lives day-to-day. The place where AI can bring major changes is in education. We can’t say robots like humanoid will be teaching us in future but there are many projects that has been already deployed that works on the basis of computer intelligence to both teachers and students get more out of the educational experience. Here are just few of the ways those tools, and those that will follow them, will shape and define the educational experience of the future.

Future of AI in Education Sector
  1. Using AI to Automate grading task in education.
Role of AI in Education

The grading task is always been a tedious task. It requires both time and effort to go through every single assignments of students. Even in lower grades teachers often find that grading takes up a significant amount of time, that time could be utilized for the interaction with student to prepare for class or work on professional development. On the other AI is not able to replace to human intelligence for grading task but it can mimic human for this task. It’s now possible for teachers to automate grading task for all types of question such multiple choice questions and fill in the blank testing and automated grading of student writing may not be far behind. Nowdays software of these types are in work which could be utilized for this type of work to perform task with accuracy and in short time period.

2. AI-powered personalization

AI systems could be developed as a learning profile for every student according to the customization. The customized should be based on the experience of every student, abilities and learning approach. This type of customization is very important for every student all students don’t have same type of skills and learning mind so by using AI we can help every single student based on customization.

3. Connecting Students with global classrooms

Technology has connected to the world. By using Artificial Intelligence we can use the advantage of supportive technological advancement of developing tools. By using these tools students will be able to become part of global environment classroom and perform their part in global environment classroom. Whereas the education provided in a global classroom will be understandable for every student.

4. AI-based tutors

Human intelligence can provide more functionalities that AI tutor can’t. In this era the AI tutors are hard coded to teach students different subjects. But AI scientists are investing efforts on these tutors so that these AI tutors can totally replace the human tutors. Advanced tutoring systems are in the pipeline for the AI scientists they will enable the requirements of real-world such as creative thinking and logic building. Students can utilize the support even from outside the classroom that is the part of AI tutors.

5. Sourcing of real-time feedback

Including personalized training materials, the AI enabled systems are able to provide real-time by accurately evaluating the results of students. Students and teachers will receive feedback when results are declared. In US schools have adopted an AI solution for feedback system they developed a dashboard where the teachers can keep eye on every student. This approach not only help teachers but also helps student in their grooming.

Risks of Artificial Intelligence in Education System

Every technology comes with its adverse effects. Where AI is making peoples life better it is also becoming a curse in society. Most of the people utilizing it for bad purposes. Artificial Intelligence is creating a buzz in education system, we can’t ignore their side effects in the education systems

· Unemployment.

· Compromise with Quality.

· No personal engagement and interaction

· Making students addictive of technology.

· Broadening the gap of rich-poor.

· Incurrence of high power cost.

· Unclear learning ability of student from virtual assistant.


Due to its pros and cons, it is difficult to judge the effectiveness of artificial intelligence services in the education sector. AI tools and application remove certain constraints on students access to education. Impact of AI in the society will be soon visible from the lower-level to higher-level institutions.