GBoard Introducing Voice — Smooth Texting and Typing

Original article was published by Tapaan Chauhan on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

What Will the New GBoard Upgrade Do?

As far as the rumors go about the not-yet-released software upgrade, Google will prompt people to tap on the microphone icon. Upon tapping the icon, people can see a layer of a different face on the screen, asking them to start dictating.

The illuminated bar down at the bottom of the display indicates that Google is taking note of their diction. Thanks to Google Assistant, users can now dictate on any app which takes in texts.

The current versions are limited to texting and emailing, however, it also includes the ability to give voice commands to send or delete text messages. The main motive of the tech giant company is to make GBoard such that it understands what its speaker is speaking and transcribes the same, regardless of the number of applications open.

Henceforth, it’s relying on its voice assistant and its flexible, advanced AI to handle the task. Google also introduced everyone to its hands-free control options available on the Pixel smartphone at the I/O conference last year.

A Million Different Languages, Thanks to Google!

While the hands-free option is yet to set foot on GBoard, Google has already added real-time translation to the application’s voice dictation. Although GBoard had an in-built translation system for a few years now, it could only be availed when the user’s typing.

The best part is now while transcribing speech for emails or texts, Google can simultaneously translate it into a million different languages in Google Translate! The translation option is only available on a few set devices as it’s still rolling out, but it will be made available on every Android device soon.

Staying Close to the Theme

Google’s I/O theme last year was along the lines of “building a more helpful Google for everyone.” Even though the GBoard upgrade is set to roll out later this year, it still manages to fit into the theme.

Even though the I/O neet was canceled this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 Crisis, the company did hold a “Hey Google” smart home summit instead. It went on to explain how they will integrate voice assistants more closely into devices from now on.

Google Assistant — A Genuine Helper

The best part is people can now use the full benefits of voice technology and Google Assistant, without giving up non-voice options like texting or typing. It’s like an added benefit, as a cherry on top.

They still get to have the whole cake, thanks to voice technology! Google Assistant is our genuine assistant, who is more like a helper.

It helps us out by scheduling and streamlining our workflow, making stuff easier, without replacing anything that doesn’t need a replacement!