Generating Poems Artificially (intro)

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

This Article is an introduction to my new series on trying to develop my own intelligent system which is eventually able to create realistic poems, which are indifferentiable from humans.

This series will document my journey from gathering data, writing probabilistic models, and developing deep neural-network based systems. It will also include my own thoughts on the methods, and the different approaches I decide to use.

I am not an expert in this field yet, and I hope to portray all the challenges faced by me realistically. It’s going to be interesting how my initial approach to developing such a system changes once I start facing problems I haven’t anticipated.

I hope, anyone reading this series of articles posts constructive comments, which help both, the other readers and me. I will take all the suggestions into account and try those approaches to this problem.

I hope you all enjoy this series 😊