Getting started with TensorFlow

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Refer to the repository above to attain a deeper understanding of the introductory concepts.

1.1. Tensors

For the sake of proper understanding, I will divide Tensors into three for a start, namely:

Consider 0-tensors as scalars, 1-tensors as vectors and 2-tensors as matrices. The scalars are addressed as zero tensors because they are assumed to be single numbers, therefore we need nothing to determine them since they are straightforward. The vectors on the other hand, are assumed to be a list, in which you need an index to select a member, hence the name 1-tensors.
To select a member from a matrix, it requires two index elements — the row and the column hence the name 2-tensors.

What are Tensors?

The illustration above gives a vision of a 3-tensor as a rectangular prism of numbers of shape (N, N, N).
In a simple sentence, Tensors are multidimensional arrays.