Getting the Most out of Your AI Chatbot

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Getting the Most out of Your AI Chatbot

When it comes to the origin of the very first chatbot, then that accomplishment goes to an MIT professor named Joseph Weizenbaum in the 1960s, who called it ELIZA at that time. However, ELIZA was later debunked by the professor himself since it lacked genuinely intelligent software in the first place. Nevertheless, its key methods became revolutionary and they have been copied by program developers ever since. Over the years the AI chatbot as we have come to know them went through a lot of progressions which became evident with the introduction of PARRY in 1972. PARRY was developed by psychiatrist Kenneth Colby at Stanford University and was proven to have intelligent capabilities through its examination with the Turing Test. Several years passed and various developers consistently worked hard until they were finally able to utilize evolutionary algorithms that helped to greatly improve the systems information retrieval process. Finally, in recent years we observed DBpedia revealing their version of the chatbot in 2017 during Google’s annual program called GSoC or Google Summer of Code. Today we have various developers that can offer you terrific chatbots with incredible customization and personalization features to target specific industries and customer demographics. In this post let us advise you in ways to get the most out of your intelligent conversational agent. So let’s take a quick look at each one of them:

Enhanced System Integration for Seamless Interactions

With a more sophisticated and complex integration with your system, your chatbot will be able to receive backend support to generate improved interactions on a personal level. We have already observed how chatbots can be ground-breaking to offer 24/7 and 346, around the year services for users. They are not only cost-effective due to their low human resource involvement but they can also drive your brand’s future value by staying tuned to current and ongoing trends. If you want to enhance your customer experience then you will need an AI chatbot that is able to relay relevant information that is quick, insightful and provides delightful know-how. With a chatbot that is impressively integrated with your system, it will finally be able to allow you to execute specific or more complex operations. Thus in the end, it will support you to garnish the power to exceed customer expectations.

One way to go about is to apply them to legacy systems like HRM, CRM, or ERP. This will also help you to create a brand-specific persona for your chatbot which will then result in aiding you to build a much more in-depth technological expertise for your software. The other method is to help your software yield a 360-degree contextual analysis which can only happen if you offer it the capacity to store conversations and keep a record of them so that it can study them to improve itself. With an abundance of data to process, you can also use an Omni-channel to boost coverage for the maximum number of users. Your primary target would then be to develop prolific APIs and Channel Adaptors so that your chatbot is able to deliver an appropriate experience for the user.

Superior Administration for Improved Software Management

One of the approaches that you can make use of is NLP, also known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Even though it is originally a pseudoscience used for psychotherapy, it can still serve to give you tremendous insights for communication and personal development. Other elements that can help to administer the entire process in a more detailed manner include initial responses, ice-breakers, secured and authentic criteria, centralized updates, active directory, and other relatable tools. The main idea is to make sure that your chatbot is able to compute a broad array and arrangement of communication habits. This might involve an understanding of spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, usage of slangs, metaphors, idioms, phrases, personifications, and the list goes one. This might prove to be quite a hectic exercise but your attention to detail will help you reap the benefits in the end.

Maintain Realistic and Manageable Objectives

It might sound odd but the fact remains that AI and other similar technologies have yet still a long way to attain maturity, at least to the point where our initial anticipations from them are completely satisfied. That is why we would strongly like to recommend you to keep your goals and objectives as measurable as possible. This stage of infancy should thus not be exploited to the manner where the software is unable to answer user’s queries and hence create a gap in the overall experience. This will not leave a good impression for your company at all and your bot conversations might collapse completely or deliver inconveniences that will disappoint your customers. That is why we firmly suggest that you keep your aims and targets sensible. Going beyond the software’s capacity will only hurt your image in the market.

We hope this post was able to offer you a better understanding as to how you should go about maximizing the use of chatbots for your enterprises. On a final note, we would like to recommend that you implement process accelerators that can aid your chatbot to complete user tasks and deliver responses in a quick succession of time. At times human intervention at the right time can be fundamental and bring about the best results. AI chatbot is a science not magic, which is why with the passage of time they will only improve and become better. Your team hence has to be on the lookout at all times in order to stay up to date with current and ongoing trends. While the future has always been unpredictable, further learning on the subject will only improve your company’s chances to succeed in the upcoming era. There is no doubt that AI chatbot is a worthy and rewarding investment for any corporation. This is exactly why big fishes like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and the others have already joined in on the bandwagon to see who emerges victorious in this cut-throat of a race. For more questions and queries regarding the topic, please feel free to let us know your feedback in the comment section below.

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