Google Colaboratory a Superpower

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Google Colaboratory a Superpower

Shivam Mishra

It’s always better if power is distributed among the many people instead of an individual controlling whole power. Well google colaboratory is nothing less than a superpower for people who want to make a career in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

What is google colaboratory or colab?

Google Colaboratory(Colab) is a cloud based jupyter notebook environment. Colab is a google project created to help machine learning and deep learning practitioners. Colab provides free access to CPU, GPU and TPU. These resources will speed up your training and you don’t need to pay anything for this.

What resources we get in colab?

We get a single core hyper threaded Xeon Processors @2.3Ghz,100gb Disk space,13gb memory out of which you can use 12.7gb. However you can increase memory up to 26gb. Colab will automatically detect if more ram is required and it will ask you to get more ram. You can also manually increase ram by running this code.