Google Family Bell — Make Your Kids’ Home Schooling Session More Fun!

Original article was published by Tapaan Chauhan on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Google Family Bell — Make Your Kids’ Home Schooling Session More Fun!

The new Google Family Bell feature is Google’s take on helping parents make their stubborn children study. It isn’t a surprise that most kids are usually reluctant to study (we have all been there and done that as kids too!), and Google has brought a permanent, fun-solution to prevent that from happening!

Not advocating the fact that all parents have been running around their kids this lockdown, asking them to study — but surely, most have probably been. If your kid is always reluctant to sit down and complete his homework, then we think that Google Family Bell is the solution to all your problems.

The idea of a Google Family Bell is to broadcast your kids’ routine over smart displays and smart speakers. Basically, it will announce from time to time that it’s the study-hour or the time to take a break, or that it’s lunchtime, and so forth. It’s just a mini-school in your own humble abode!

Of course, it totally depends on you whether you want to use the Google Family Bell to remind your kid about the scheduled tasks. But it’s one of the key functions that Google wants its user base to utilize.

You can also configure your smart display in such a way that it creates a school-like visual and plays sounds that are mostly heard in school premises. Google Family Bell is a huge leap towards making home-schooling more fun and adventurous.

How to Set Up Google Family Bell Announcements

You can set your Google Family Bell up such that it announces your routine. Such that, if you want it to announce every day at 6 that its dinner time, you can set it up so that it announced “It’s dinner time” at 6 PM, every day, religiously.

What You Need

● A Smart Speaker or Smart Display

● A mobile device with Google Assistant or Google Home app