Google Search Engine for Datasets, Automated ML for Non-Programmers, and more Machine Learning…

Welcome to another enthralling week of machine learning developments and resources, brought to you in the form of AVBytes!

Highlights from the past week: Google’s search engine for finding datasets, Baidu’s drag-and-drop tools for non-programmers, MIT’s incredible use of neural networks in healthcare, and more resources and articles below!

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  • Classifying and Decoding Historical Texts and Images using CNNs: There has been some significant research in decoding ancient writing using machine learning, but what about graffiti? This latest study uses techniques like CNNs and multinomial logistic regression to crack open historical mysteries. Check out how the algorithm works inside. A really cool use case of ML!

The above AVBytes were published from 3rd to 9th September, 2018.

Source: Deep Learning on Medium