Google’s New ‘Hum to Search’ Feature Is Remarkable

Original article was published by Shubh Patni on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Google’s New ‘Hum to Search’ Feature Is Remarkable

Humming is all you need to know the song

Photo by Spencer Imbrock on Unsplash

Hey, could you help me figure out the song stuck in my head? It goes like this-

‘na na nah nahhh nahhh na nana na nah na nah nah na nah’

I just can’t figure it out. Can you?

Well… Nevermind, listing to the tune and then identifying the song is hard enough, let alone interpreting it just with some text.

We all have been in this situation. This phenomenon is called an earworm: A tune keeps bugging us, ringing in our heads until we find its name. Many people can’t get rid of it even if they know the name of the song, but for me, the name is the escape.

This syndrome destroys productivity, attention, and will drive you to infinite distraction. I know you have experienced it, It’s a very common phenomenon.

A recent Finnish poll revealed that nearly 92% of people experience involuntary musical imagery at least once a week.