Hacks for Google Colab…

Original article was published by Vishal Singh on Deep Learning on Medium

2. Getting data to COLAB directly from Kaggle.

a) Click on the profile pic of ur Kaggle handle and select the ‘My account’

b) Scroll down to API and select ‘Expire API Token’ and now select the ‘Create New API Token’.

c) A jason file will be downloaded. Copy the copy ‘KAGGLE_USERNAME’ and ‘KAGGLE_KEY’ from .json file and paste in code.

d) Go to the Your Competition copy API token and paste it.

Now run the cell.

import os
os.environ['KAGGLE_USERNAME'] = "xxxxxxxxxxxxx" # enter username.
os.environ['KAGGLE_KEY'] = "xxxxxxxxxxxx" # enter kaggle key.
#required API command
!kaggle competitions download -c digit-recognizer

This’s all You are done.