Headstart in Artificial Intelligence

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History of AI/Machine Learning

credits: The Imitation Game

In 1950 Alan Turing had an idea:

If a machine could carry on a conversation about what was indistinguishable from a conversation with a human being, then it was responsible to say that machine was “thinking”. This was coined as the “Turing Test”.

credits: Dartmouth Conference

Dartmouth Conference 1956: The word “Artificial Intelligence” was coined.

credits: ELIZA

In 1966 a program called ELIZA passed the Turing Test. (But the was just simple language rules, not really “thinking.”

The 1970s “AI Winter” was caused by pessimism about machine learning effectiveness.

The 1990s “Machine Learning,” reorganized as a separate field, started to flourish.

credits: IBM

1997s IBM’s Deep Blue beats the world champion at chess.

The 2010s onwards, Machine Learning, becomes integral to many widely used software services.