Heartbeat Newsletter: Volume 14

Original article was published by Austin Kodra on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Heartbeat Newsletter: Volume 14

Fritz AI’s support for SnapML in Lens Studio, and the latest in Heartbeat

Hi Heartbeat Readers,

Returning to you after a week away from the Heartbeat Newsletter — we had some interesting things in the works that we’re thrilled to share with you (see below).

Additionally, we have some excellent new Heartbeat content that we want to catch you up on. So without further ado, Volume 14 of the Heartbeat Newsletter.


Austin & the Heartbeat Team

Today, the team at Fritz AI (our sponsor) launched full support for SnapML in Lens Studio!

Our team and community has been writing quite a bit about SnapML, the newest framework and platform for mobile machine learning. SnapML gives Snapchat Lens Creators the ability to transform their Lenses with custom computer vision ML models.

Fritz AI’s support for SnapML allows Creators to build these custom models without code, and without the need for any previous ML expertise or experience.

Much more information can be found in the full launch announcement on Heartbeat. We’re excited to see what you’ll create!