Hello World.

Original article was published by Yukio Ichinose on Deep Learning on Medium

This is my first post on Medium.

I’ve always wanted to publish a blog post on this platform. The UI/UX looks very nice, and I also like the writers’ community here. In this very first post I will write down my motivation and interest.

  1. What am I interested in knowing?

I currently work for a cybersecurity firm, and am responsible for performing cybersecurity risk assessments, drafting a roadmap for improvement, and assisting my clients successfully undertaking each improvement plan for their overall security posture. Cybersecurity has been my interest ever since I graduated from college. I do not currently have any academic background from either computer science or cybersecurity, but I wish I could get one. I am sure I will very soon.

2. What will I write on Medium?

Good question. In my Medium magazine I aim to keep track of things I studied and researched. Recently I am intensively researching on Federated Learning, which is one of many architecture models of machine learning. Federated Learning has been recognized as “privacy protecting AI”, and I expect that it gets more popular 5G and IoT devices are broadly used. My enduring question for Federated Learning is, “Is it really a privacy protecting AI?” I hope that my research will show my some clues to that research question. I will leave my thought process here.

As I progress my research my interest may digress to other areas. My posts can vary from random daily updates to serious research ideas. At this moment I do not intend to fix the purpose of my magazine. I do hope that I can find one someday.