Hello World by Hannah Fry – AI and why we over-trust what we don’t understand

A mathematician and advocate for technology challenges the influence of algorithms and calls for a better understanding of what we’re giving away

Are you a concerned citizen of the modern world? Do you ever worry that algorithms are stealing your data? Do you secretly have little idea what algorithms and data actually are? Then Hello World is for you.

With refreshing simplicity, Fry explains what AI, machine learning and complicated algorithms really mean, providing some succinct explanations of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, driverless cars and many other unnerving modern phenomena. She asks the reader to consider some difficult questions: would you hand over your medical records to a faceless company if doing so might improve treatment for everyone? Should a driverless car prioritise protecting its owner, or the child she is about to run over? Should a judge or a computer calculate whether a prisoner is likely to reoffend? And in each case, who gets to make the rules?

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Source: The Guardian – Artificial intelligence