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Original article was published by Jordi on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Thank you very much for dedicating time for ready our first article. We know that your time is very important and we appreciate that you are using some of it for reading us. We are a team of crazy people which genuinely believe in the power of technology for doing awesome stuff. Also, deeply passionate about disrupt industries — while challenging status quo — and people lives.

This time we bring to the table something new. Something amazing but at the very same time simple. Something revolutionary that will change completely the way companies recruit their talent. We know that you have experience hiring people and we are sure that we can agree that is an extremely complicate task but in the other hand is also really important to build an strong and motivate team for achieve success in anything you work on. The most important thing always will be the human resources and not as a “resource”, that by the way I really do not like the term, but talent as an asset. Having a talented team is always a game changer and a driver to be successful.

Yes, and each bad hire cost them over 350% of the executive annual salary

This is, and because 97% of companies worldwide make bad hires every day, why we decide to start this new adventure that we chose to call it Hitch. There are many different meanings for that word but for us means creating a connection and in this specific case connecting the right company with the right talent. We create a super powerful tool that will improve significantly, and they don´t know it yet, company’s productivity by hiring the right people for their teams


We are in an incredibly early stage, and probably my favorite one, where everything starts to be designed. We have a challenging term and target for building the Beta product and start testing it by January 2021. We want to select 5 companies, which by the way will be very lucky as it will be fun as hell, for testing this free version of the product during Q1 2021. It could be great for be able to invite more companies to join our Beta phase but is better to focus and build the product one step at the time. Slowly but steady.

Annoucing the selected companies on December 2020

We will be writing down some content and occasionally sharing it with you. We will try to be as relevant as possible but if it happens that you do not consider us as said before just let us know, the feedback is always really appreciated.

For those that are interested in working together in building and testing our Beta product please answer this email withing the following information to add your request into the waiting list. We will be receiving applications during October and November and December 1st 2020 will be announced the list of 5 companies that will be participating with us in the exciting stage of Hitch.

Thank you again for ready us.

With love,

Hitch Founding Team